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PokerStars CEO accepts $50 million forfeiture to end legal battle

PokerStars CEO accepts 50 million forfeiture to end legal battle

Back in 2011, online giant PokerStars received a complaint from the US Department of Justice as part of the government's crackdown on online gambling in the US, accusing the company of illegal Internet gambling operations.

Two years later and with the complaint still pending, PokerStars CEO, Mark Scheinberg, agreed to forfeit $50 million in order to clear himself from any wrongdoing.

PokerStars spokesman, Eric Hollresier, stated that this arrangement is not in response to any claim filed up against Mark or PokerStars, "nor it involves any guilt or culpability on his behalf".

The Department of Justice discharged the company of any inappropriate behaviour in accepting online bettings from US players.