| On 6 years ago

Pokerstars Breaks Their Own Record For Largest Online Poker Tournament Field


Pokerstars is well-known across the world as the go-to poker site. They are by far the biggest site and the reason for such is due to ingenius marketing strategies in the past such as sponsoring players, the European Poker Tour as well as commercials around the world.

Their player pool and revenues continues to grow in a market that has seen better days in the past and while their competitors struggle, it seems that Pokerstars just keeps on going. Despite this, it was still a surprise when Pokerstars beat their own world record yesterday, for the largest online poker tournament field.

Pokerstars is currently hosting their “Common Cents” tournament series, where players can participate in tournaments for little to no money and win a decently sized prize. The kick-off event was a $0.01 buy-in, $100,000 guaranteed tournament and while it was expected to have a lot of players, it was not expected that it would beat the record and have a record amount of registrations.

A total of 253,698 players paid the $0.01 buy-in, thus beating the previous record that was set during the celebration of the 100 billion hands in a World Record Tournament as Pokerstars named it. That tournament saw 225,000 players competing and Russian player “Mr.SlavaPro” winning $25,000.

The new record tournament saw an Austrian player winning, as “DaDumon” walked away with the first prize of $10,000 – Without a doubt the best return of investment online poker has seen in any tournament.