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Poker Training Site Ivey League Stops New Content

Poker Training Site Ivey League Stops New Content

Poker training website Ivey League has decided to suspend updates with new content as of May 1. The reason for the decision is vaguely formulated as owing to “the current state of online poker”.

Owner of the website Phil Ivey, a ten-time WSOP bracelet winner, has been producing and uploading regular new training videos to help players enhance their poker performance since February 2014.

Ivey League’s staff comprises several more poker celebrity names such as Patrik Antonius, Andrew “Lucky Chewy” Lichtenberger and Griffin Benger. They also have a mental coach on board, Pawel Pitr Jablonski, who trains students the right mindset for a poker career.

Once considered the top player in the world with an estimated net earnings of over $100 million, Phil Ivey has recently been out of the spotlight. Since July 2014, he has pocketed only three cash rewards.

With the obligation to maintain Ivey League off his shoulders, Phil might as well become more active on the tournament poker scene again.