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Poker Supply to Be Cut As Las Vegas’ Luxor Casino Closes Poker Room

Poker Supply to Be Cut As Las Vegas Luxor Casino Closes Poker Room

Two MGM properties, Luxor and Monte Carlo have cut their poker rooms leaving the Las Vegas strip are left with only about 18 poker rooms. In the last six years 22 poker rooms have closed in Sin City.

The Luxor Casino is to close its nine-table room on June 18, leaving the Strip with about 260 tables; down from the high point of the poker boom in 2007 when there were 396 tables. Little growth is apparent in the sector as over the past 12 months the Strip poker rooms took in $77.6 million in revenue from cash games; no growth on the same period in 2016.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board this lackluster performance is due to the proliferation of casinos in the US decreasing the need for players to make their way to Nevada any longer in order to play poker.