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Poker's Only Twitter Jam - Thanksgiving and Selfies

Poker's Only Twitter Jam Thanksgiving and Selfies

The poker world can be a lonely place as we approach the holidays.  Sure, you may find yourself in a luxury hotel in an exotic location (or you could be in Atlantic City) but you really are away from most close family and friends surrounded by people you know, but with whom you are ultimately competing to avoid failing at your chosen profession.  So, you turn inward…or to social media…and share your life with friends and fans.  Some of those bits are gems.  When they are, I try to dig them up and share them with you.

Several of poker’s biggest and brightest found themselves in just this situation on the road and especially in St. Kitts as the WPT kicked off its latest Alpha 8 high roller and WPT Caribbean stop.  High roller beast @Eric_Seidel waxed philosophic about dinner:


And was further disappointed when he though he was getting some celebrity on celebrity love on Twitter:


And that he was not the only one let down…@devopoker and @christryba had the same issue:


Some folks, like @DanOBrienPoker and @DarryllFish decided to wax nostalgic about girls via Twitter and YouTube, only to get checked by award winning screen writer and WPT Champion @msalsberg.



However, one high roller took the high road and thought he was better off:


On the practical side, Jesse “@MazeOrBowie” Martin was discussing that old chestnut “the value of headphones at the table:”


And some of the biggest players stayed home and online as well…and you can find out more about how it went here on TWIOHSP.


Up at @mohegansunpoker WSOP & WPT champ Michael “@TheGrinder44” Mizrachi was having a bit of an issue with rebuy…as reported by fellow @DeepStacks pro @TristanCre8ive:


Meanwhile, back in the world, one half of the voice of the WSOP, @lonmceachern was discussing the ever growing Rob Ford situation, and suggested, the solution might lie with @RealKidPoker:


Others were catching up on a little reading…and wondering about our dependence on new tech:


Poker Media pros were catching up on their fan interactions:


Meanwhile, Tony “@Bond_18” Dunst was just wondering how he could have made winning his first WPT Title just a little bit sweeter:


Finally, let me give you an inline retweet of the First Family of Poker’s best wishes kicking off the holiday season…


And let me send you off as I echo the early Christmas wishes of @jctran23 and @SavagePoker…


…and finally, a philosophical note from the man that started it all this week:


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