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Poker’s Only Twitter Jam - Bilzerian, Riess and Farber

Poker s Only Twitter Jam Bilzerian Riess and Farber

The poker world seemed a bit quieter after the end of the WSOP November 9.  Unless, of course, your count the sides piling up in the Ryan Riess debate.  And by debate I mean “He Is and Egotistical Punk” vs. “He’s Just a Young Excited Kid.”  But, that said, there was still a lot of fun out there on the old interwebs, and here are some highlights.

Dan Bilzerian is a very macho man.  And, thanks to Tosh.0, a little bit more of the world knows the power the super-beard wields over the ladies…and prop betting people in Panda suits:

Need more proof…he’s giving away $100k by Xmas…hit him up:

V cool. RT @DanBilzerian: This is left of the 100k I'm giving away by Xmas.If you know anyone who needs help

— Katie Lindsay (@katelinds) November 11, 2013

Social news and poker players…a nice mix:

A lot of poker players think they have all the money in the world.  Or that they have reach an “epic level of baller” – this puts it in perspective as one of poker’s richest men marvels at the opulence.

WSOP Champ Greg Merson helps put a new poker word in the Poker Lexacon:

That awkward moment when you realize one of poker’s smartest men is thinking about things WAYYYY deeper than you:

Ever wonder how Allen Kessler funds his “min-cash madness?”

JC Tran may not have won the WSOP Main Event…but he sure hit the jackpot:

I was going to do a whole big piece here on “Douche or Not A Douche” based on reactions to @RyanRiess1’s comments after winning the WSOP Main Event, but that isn’t going to happen.  Frankly, we have no idea what kind of a guy he is until we see how he handles the success.  Now THAT should be fun. 

So instead, let’s just look at how the top two finishers spent the week after their heads up match.

What do you do when you win $5.1 million dollars and finish second in the WSOP main event?  If you’re Jay Farber you:

Wake up and realize how lucky you are –

Throw the greatest party Vegas may have ever seen –

Go take all of whomever is staking @BrokeLivingJRB’s money in the Aria big game:

What do you do if you win $8.3million and the World Championship of Poker?  (Well, after you set off a s**t storm by declaring yourself the best in the world.)

Quote some Queen –

Thank your peeps for the obvious –

Get love from your football hero!

Take your girl to Disney World (and EDC…and a Basketball game) –

And well, you know, a little burn for Jay Farber:


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