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Poker Room In California Re-Opens After Two Weeks Of Shuttering Due To Insufficient Funds

Poker Room In California Re Opens After Two Weeks Of Shuttering Due To Insufficient Funds

The California casino that had to shut its door for about two weeks due to the state investigations into its finances reopened on Thursday.

The 500 Club Casino which is located just outside Fresno opened its card room doors on Thursday after remaining closed for about two weeks, due to the ongoing investigations. The state alleged that the 12 table poker room didn’t have enough money in circulation to cover the chips. The Casino denied any such accusations. The state was considering revoking its license.

As per the card room, it has more than enough money to cover all the chips that are between the cash at the cage, the poker room’s vault and its bank accounts. The card room also claimed of having bonds worth $800,000 in bonds to serve as a backup fund.

The reopening of the casino suggests the card room and the gaming regulators reached an agreement. The conditions of the accord, however, are not out yet. There are about 90 card rooms in the state, including the one in question and its reopening indicates the poker room is complying with the changes requested by California.