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Poker Pros Play Soccer in Las Vegas During The WSOP

Poker Pros Play Soccer in Las Vegas During The WSOP

While the World Series of Poker reached its epic conclusion last week, there is still plenty of great content to come from the Nevada dessert. The cameras followed a group of well-known poker pros during one of their competitive soccer matches.

In the video we see and listen to Aussie Millions $1k winner Brendon Rubie, WSOP bracelet winners Matt Waxman and Timothy Adams, WPT and WSOP finalist Jeff Gross, two-time WSOP finalist Jarred Solomon and high stakes online cash game Ben “ben86” Tollerene.

For a long time working out and being healthy did not seem like a big priority to poker players around the world, but there has been a major shift with regards to this topic. Poker players are now much more aware of the fact that being healthy contributes to a clear mind and sharp focus at the poker tables. The aforementioned six players are taking a step in the right direction and we expect big things from them in the upcoming months!

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