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Poker Profits for AFL Clubs Rise to Record $105 Million

Poker Profits for AFL Clubs Rise to Record 105 Million

Gamblers’ addiction to poker machines in Australia is leading to negative trends. According to a news report, last financial year saw a record amount of losses by players at AFL team clubs. The exact figure stands at $105 million.

The losses on the 290 poker machines operated by Carlton were $17 million, which is 30% of the Blues’ total revenue.

In turn, the Hawks have 165 machines which caused players to part with $19.5 million (28% of the club’s total revenue).

According to anti-poker campaigner Tim Costello, the AFL Commission should take measures to change the status quo. He said, “These shocking figures prove most AFL clubs don’t simply dabble in poker machines but in fact they have a full-blown addiction.”

AFL leader Gillon McLachlan discussed the AFL’s poker addiction with Rev Costello and Senator Nick Xenophon but the parties did not reach an agreement on how to solve the problem.

Interestingly, West Coast does not own any poker machines but represents the wealthiest AFL club. According to an IBISWorld report, it generates the highest return per member across the AFL.