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Poker players upset at PayPal-Iovation connection

Poker players upset at PayPal Iovation connection

Poker players are furious and protesting about a reported connection between e-wallet service PayPal and Iovation, the online fraud detection platform that has ties to UltimateBet. John Mehaffey, poker journalist, was the first to report about this connection when he discovered that Iovation was on PayPal's list of "non-exclusive examples of the actual third parties to whom we currently disclose your account information."

The popular poker forum 2+2 was ablaze with angry comments of players who were encouraging others to send complaint letters to PayPal. According to posts on the forum, Iovation "was established by the former operators of online poker sites Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. These sites were knowingly operated to commit theft of tens of millions of dollars from their customers."

Back in May, a similar situation led angry players in Nevada to force UltimatePoker to sever its ties with Iovation, which they ere using as verification and fraud detection platform. This also led to Iovation being investigated by the state's Gaming Control Board. Greg Pierson, CEO and founder of Iovation, was implicated in a direct way in the UltimateBet cheating scandal and cover-up and was recorded having incriminating conversations about it.