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Poker Player Ingram alleges harassment from WSOP phone charger salesmen

Poker Player Ingram alleges harassment from WSOP phone charger salesmen

Joey Ingram's latest Youtube video alleges sexual harassment but the cell booth owner has denied all the claims.

He said that players who walk down the halls of the RioAll-Suite Hotel and Casino for participating in Rio World Series of Poker face sexual harassment by the salespeople at the cell phone and charging booths.

Ingram said, "The cell phone charger and headphone salespeople at the Rio WSOP must be stopped."

"We have experienced some verbal and sexual harassment that was going on for few days at the Wprld Series of Poker 2018 cannot go any longer. Anyone who has been at the World Series of Poke in the recent years has had to deal with irritating cell-phone charger, cell phone salespeople in the hallway who are constantly yelling about their cell phone chargers."

Ingram also said that several women have complained about the sexual harassment and that he has also witnessed those actions.

He told that men make comments like how 'sexy they think they are' and comment about women's body.

Poker Player Kristy Arnett also expressed her opinions in a comment to his video. She wrote, "I actually left the Rio feeling uncomfortable from these people. It really feels bad, but I don't think much about it. Thank you for saying something." 

Ingram said that it was not a good representation of the poker world for new players and visitors to experience and it would leave a bad impact.