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Poker community reacts strongly against Sands Corporation

Poker community reacts strongly against Sands Corporation

Last Wedenesday, CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, Sheldon Adelson, presented his opinion in a article regarding online gaming in the United States. Now the company's properties are receiving strong and negative reactions from the poker industry.

Poker forums and Facebook pages have been filled up with comments against Adelson, some of them stating they will not take part in any activity related to any of Adelson's properties.

The business magnate expressed that the actual efforts in the U.S Congress for regulation of the industry are hopeless, same as those states which work in creating their own gambling measures.

In the article entitled "Online Gambling is a Fool's Gold", Adelson stated that he considered the regulation of the poker business “a societal train wreck waiting to happen” and that poker is a "plague" to society.

Although Adelson claimed online gambling won't affect his company at all, he pointed out that smaller comercial casinos, Native American casinos and racetrack-casinos will experience a negative impact with the legalization of online gambling, as they won't be able to draw people in.