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Poker Community Comes Forward To Help Mexico Earthquake Tragedy Victims

Poker Community Comes Forward To Help Mexico Earthquake Tragedy Victims

More than 250 people were killed, and many were injured when the outskirts of Mexico city was hit by an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude. Damage was to such an extent that the quake led to the collapse of more than 30 buildings.

It was a difficult time for the residents who further invested their time effort and money to help their neighbours. Among the very few who offered help were several professional poker players including natives of Mexico; JC Alvarado, Angel Guillen and American transplant Aaron Been. They did not only provided help to the needy but also contributed in raising funds for things like stoves, lamps and more.

JC Alvardo recently shared an Instagram picture at 6 am stating how he is helping the impacted city in every way possible. The post was all about the donations and help provided in the form of lamps, wheelbarrows, hundreds of helmets, gloves, vests, belts, shovels, baby products, food, electrical tools, medicines, generators etc. He also stated that he got turned down from 5 places because of too many volunteers, but still he made his efforts of trying his best to reach out to the disaster zones in several cars to help.

According to him, it has been the scariest 36 hours of his life and no matter how much he is trying to help he still feels its less or nearly not enough in comparison to the damage that has taken place and impacted the people and the city.

He further thanked everybody for reaching out to help from his Mexican poker friends to the uber driver who brought him home who had been driving non-stop for 36 hours for free. He also thanked the global poker community for the donations they made, further stating that his faith in humanity is at an all-time high.