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Poker Ads to be Banned on Italian Radio and TV

Poker Ads to be Banned on Italian Radio and TV

The Italian Senate has passed a very controversial ammendment in regards to television and radio advertising for online poker and online gambling within the country's airwaves. The proposal was first introduced to the assembly by Senator Riccardo Nencini, from the Socialist party, and aimed to introduce a ban of all real-money poker advertisements in an effort to curb compulsive gambling.

The proposal initially faced opposition from many members of the government but in a surprising twist of events, it eventually was passed with unanimous votes. Riccardo Nencini called the result of the voting a "victory for the Socialist party".

"Despite the initial opposition to the proposal, the government decided to support our position on the ban and admit we are doing the right thing". He went on to declare that the ban of all poker and gambling advertisement in Italian television and radio are parallel to European principles against problem gambling.

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