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Players To Self-Deal, According To New Amendments In Oregon’s Anti-Poker Room Bill

Players To Self Deal According To New Amendments In Oregon s Anti Poker Room Bill

In nearly two dozen poker rooms in the state, players under the proposed amendments to Oregon’s anti-poker room bill would be required to self-deal as if it were a home game. Whoever has the button would be the dealer and no permanent dealers would be permitted.

This practice though already exists in rural Oregon which works well for the players there are they are mostly in acquaintance with each other.

This amendment would be a hard hit on the poker scene as rotating the deck around the table would not only slow the game down but would also compromise the game’s integrity.

A ban on for-profit poker rooms was being sought in an earlier version of the legislation. The proposal was brought down. This would allow the rooms to make a profit but has prohibited these rooms from charging a cover fee, which has been the quintessential part of their business model as the rooms do not take any rake, as non-tribal casinos are prohibited in Oregon’s constitution.

Portland suggested in August last year that room should have players deal with the games themselves. Portland poker industry had around 200 dealers who made $14 an hour.