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Playboy Poker Shut Down By NYX Gaming

Playboy Poker Shut Down By NYX Gaming

The online poker industry is a rought business, where most small companies struggles to get a foothold and create profits. Many medium-sized companies also struggles nowadays and one of the companies that has been struggling is Playboy Poker.

Playboy Poker is decently well-known in the online poker community, partially because of their license-agreement with Playboy to use their name and also because they have done a decent amount of marketing.

Playboy Poker will not be offering games anymore however, as NYX Gaming has announced that the site has not performed well enough and will shut it down. NYX Gaming took over Cryptologic and Chartwell Technology from Amaya Gaming in April, in a $116 million deal, and after the acquisition had a look at the two subsidiaries.

The performance check showed that Playboy Poker was not a brand that there was any money in continuing, two years into their re-launch. Players are being told to withdraw their funds as soon as possible, as the site will seize their gambling operations.

“Playboy Poker is in the process of surrendering its gaming licence, all players are advised to withdraw their funds from the site at their earliest convenience.” The Playboy Poker website reads.