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PKR Launches 2D Client For Customers

PKR Launches 2D Client For Customers

PKR, the online poker room that has been known for many years as the true 3D poker site, announced today that they are no longer a 3D only poker site. Instead, players will now have the choice to play using the 3D graphics or the simpler and more commonly known 2D theme.

The difference between the two is obvious to anyone who played online poker, with the 3D theme being 3D in the graphics and with tons of animations from the players, while the 2D theme is a standard online theme where you view the table from above and don’t see players move and similar things.

“Clearly our 3D poker software remains our most important product, but a really good 2D option was long overdue. It’s vital that we have something competitive to offer the many players to whom 3D didn’t really appeal, as well as former PKR players whose tastes or game activity may have changed over time. This development – along with the revamp of our Sit & Go offering, increased investment in our loyalty programme and upcoming improvements to our sports, casino and website - shows players we mean business.” Dan Grant, Head of PR at PKR said in a press release.

The 2D release follows in the footsteps of PKR’s 2014 PKR 3.0 launch, which speeded up the game significantly as many players requested.