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Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari to Star in New Discovery Channel TV Show

Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari to Star in New Discovery Channel TV Show

Great news for the poker industry, as there’s a good chance Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari will star in a new TV show after previously having recorded ‘I Bet You’. In an interview with the two explain how Underground Poker’s pilot could lead to a full season of fun poker action.

The premise of Underground Poker is as following; Laak and Esfandiari go to a city, New Orleans in this case, to find an underground poker game to play in. While only a few hands will be shown in the 24-minute episode it still revolves around the game, its people and the location. There will of course be plenty of banter between the longtime friends, as we know from ‘I Bet You’.

The idea behind Underground Poker came to life on the set of Runner Runner when Laak and Esfandiari were present to shoot a cameo. The poker stars came in tough with Jennifer Killoran, a producer on the movie who they ultimately became friends with. Killoran loved the chemistry between Laak and Esfandiari en ultimately came up with the idea of a new poker show.

While the show’s just one episode long for now there’s a chance it will get picked up for a full season after the airing of its pilot, which was shot in September of 2013. The episode will air on September 10 at 10pm on Discovery Channel in the United States.

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