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Phil Ivey Wins WSOP Event #50, $1,500 Eight-Game Mix for $167,332

Phil Ivey Wins WSOP Event 50 1 500 Eight Game Mix for 167 332

The World Series of Poker Event #50, $1,500 Eight-Game Mix has just come to an end and this time it was one of the most famous players in the world who took down the bracelet and also settled quite some bets. Phil Ivey took home yet another bracelet to his collection, but also settled the famous bracelet bet that Daniel Negreanu and him has put out this summer where they said that they were sure to win a bracelet.

A total of 485 players participated in the mixed game tournament, creating a total prize pool of $654,750 that the players finishing in the money split amongst them. The tournament lasted for a total of three days and on the final day only 14 players were left to play, including Daniel Negreanu who unfortunately for him busted out in 9th place.

The seven man final table started after a few hours only and went on for several hours before we finally found the final hand of the day. At this point the final table consists only of Bruce Yamron and Phil Ivey, who have been battling out for a while. The last hand came in level 28 of the day and the variant was Omaha-8.

Yamron raised from the button pre-flop and Ivey called. Flop came Ace Spades7 Clubs5 Clubs and Ivey made a bet, only to see Yamron raise him. After a little thinking, Ivey decides to call. Turn showed a King Diamonds and once again Ivey fired a bullet and now Yamron raised all-in for his last 150,000, which Ivey quickly called.

Yamron showed: Ace HeartsJack Spades8 Spades7 Hearts

Ivey showed: Ace ClubsKing Spades9 Clubs8 Spades

Both players have two pairs at this point, but Yamron needs to hit a full house to be able to beat Ivey's top two pairs. Dealer shows the final card Queen Diamonds and it's all over for Yamron, who finishes in second place for a prize of $103,375 and can see Ivey take home another bracelet and the first prize of $167,332. You can see the rest of the final table payouts below:

  1. Phil Ivey - $167,332
  2. Bruce Yamron - $103,375
  3. Dan Heimiller - $66,246
  4. Aaron Steury - $44,286
  5. Stephen Chidwick - $30,488
  6. Yuebin Guo - $21,692
  7. Christoph Haller - $15,720
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