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Phil Ivey's latest dare

Phil Ivey's latest dare

Phil Ivey has once again made it to the news headlines with his latest prop bet: to live one full year alcohol free. Phil Ivey, one of the top professional poker players in the world, announced on his Twitter account that he would be taking part in a big no drinking bet for most of next year.

The full tweet read "Big no drinking bet starts last sip’ and now the poker community will sit back and watch with interest and amusement at the developments." This is by far not the first crazy prop bet the poker pro has been part of.

In 2010 he was challenged by fellow poker player Tom Dwan to go without meat for a full year in exchange for $1 million. Ivey wasn't able to complete the full terms of the bet and opted out by paying $150,000 after being tempted with some meat.

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