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Pennsylvania Senators Pushing for Regulating Internet Gambling

Pennsylvania Senators Pushing for Regulating Internet Gambling

There has been sustained momentum towards Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives’ efforts to promote legal online gambling within the state.

George Dunbar (R-56th District) and Rosita C. Youngblood (D-198th District) have launched a campaign to gather support for gambling-related legislation among fellow members of the local House. In a memorandum sent out Wednesday, they say, “In the near future, we will be jointly introducing omnibus gaming legislation that will protect consumers, maintain and improve the competitiveness of Pennsylvania’s casino industry and generate needed revenues for the Commonwealth.”

In 2016, an internet gambling bill made it to the Senate but failed to gain its approval. The new measure aims at regulating licensing and taxation in the industry as well as enforcing consumer protection on fantasy sports websites. It also foresees permitting gaming tablets in international airports.

Interested stakeholders believe that if online gambling is legalized, the revenues will provide a major boost to the local government’s budget.

Discussion of the proposal has not yet been scheduledby the House.