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Pennsylvania House Passes Bill Approving Online Gaming

Pennsylvania House Passes Bill Approving Online Gaming

A bill was passed again in Pennsylvania House that would regulate online gaming on Wednesday night.

This was the second such attempt by the House where the bill was sent to Senate for review as the Senate had changed some language, which included raised tax rates. While the tax rates for online poker revenue were 16%, the house-banked internet games being charged at 54% raised issues and drew criticism.

The House has passed the bill proposing a flat 16% tax for all the online casino games. If the bill passes Pennsylvania would be the fourth U.S state to legalise online poker sites.

For poker industry which is slowly growing, it would be best if the House and Senate could come together on the amendments, setting aside their controversial opinions, of whether or not to allow slot machine-like devices in bars and taverns across the state. A whopping $3.2 billion was made from by the Pennsylvania casino industry last year.

It is expected that the state’s gambling market would see an added $300 million, owing to the Online gaming when it reaches its maturation. This may take several years after launch.

Another advantage of the legalisation would be, online selling of lottery tickets would be allowed.