Paul Volpe wins second bracelet in $1,500 Eight Game Mix (6 handed)

11 players started Day 3 last night of the $1,500 Eight Game Mix (6 handed) at the World Series of Poker 2016. These were the chipcounts at the start of Day 3:




Seat 1

Paul Volpe


Seat 2

Ron Ware


Seat 3

Chris Klodnicki


Seat 4

Marc Berman


Seat 5

Matthew Honig


Seat 6

Gavin Smith





Seat 1

Bart Lybaert


Seat 2

Jason Stockfish


Seat 3

Tony Lazar


Seat 4

Benjamin Ludlow


Seat 5

Tommy Coker




Only six of these players would reach the official final table. When play was down to six, Gavin Smith ($19,787) was the first one to leave the stage. In 2-7 Triple Draw Smith’s 8x7x5x4x2x was no good against Lazar’s 7x6x5x4x2x.

Shortly after, in an Omaha Hi-Lo hand, Lazar got it all-in on a flop of AsJsTd holding AhKd9c2d against Stockfish’ AcTh2c7s. Lazar didn’t improve and was eliminated in 5th place for $28,123.

With four players left, it was Benjamin Ludlow who got eliminated. Ludlow 3bet shoves his last 11 big blinds from the big blind with Ad5h, but Paul Volpe had AsKs, and five community cards later Ludlow could collect his $40,911.


Ron Ware found his Waterloo in Stud Hi-Lo not long after, and collected $60,882. Jason Stockfish and Paul Volpe reached the heads-up and played along for an extra $57,305.

Finally, in Pot-Limit Omaha, the two players got their stacks in on a board of 8s6s3cAh, with Volpe holding AcKsQd4s, way behind to Stockfish’ AsJhTs3d. The river, however, brought the 6d, meaning Stockfish’ two pair were counterfeited and Paul Volpe wins his second WSOP-bracelet.


The payouts:





Paul Volpe



Jason Stockfish



Ron Ware



Benjamin Ludlow



Anthony Lazar



Gavin Smith



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