| On 6 years ago

PartyPoker Bans Tracking Softwares and Launches New Features


The former poker giant, PartyPoker, has lost some traction the past many years. They went from being the largest poker provider in the world to now being far away from their closest competitors numbers wise, while also struggling financially.

The company has done a lot to increase the traffic and make a better environment for their players, including launching a new software platform and integrate new features to make the experience better for players.

Now the company has announced yet another step in the direction of protection the recreational players and try to destroy bumhunting, as PartyPoker has officially banned all third-party tracking softwares.

The initiative has been dubbed “Poker for the People” and it will see several changes being rolled out the forthcoming weeks. Players will no longer be allowed to use a Heads Up Display (HUD) to gain an advantage over their competitors, but that is far from all that is going to happen.

Players will no longer be able to simply scan the lobby and join a table of their choice. Instead they will be forced to join a room-wide waitinglist and be seated automatically by the room. Furthermore they cannot see who they are at the table with until they have been dealt the first hand, which allows the room to monitor if they are leaving because of certain players as well as to see if they are bumhunting.

“As part of our Poker for the People campaign, the PartyPoker team is committed to providing all poker players, regardless of experience or skill levels, with trusted poker products that are fair, ethical and fun,” Golan Shaked, Director of Games at PartyPoker said in a blogpost.

“We will continue working with the wider poker community on developing a mutually beneficial, trusting relationship.” He added.