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PA and other states hoping for online poker

PA and other states hoping for online poker

Pennsylvania and nine other states are looking into the possibility of approving and regulating online poker during 2014 or 2015, according to the founder of US-based major internet gambling consulting company, Fred Gushin. According to Gushin, "There's intense competition in that part of the country. It's something that will be considered not only by Pennsylvania but by all the other states that have gaming because they ultimately can't afford not to".

The possibility of online poker being regulated has sparked a lively discussion in Pennsylvania Legislature circles. According to Bill Thomas, executive director for the House Gaming Committee, a study on gambling which also covers the possible impacts of online wagering will be due by May 2014. The base for the possible regulation on online poker is a bill created by Rep. Tina Davis last year.

Fred Gushin further stated that other states besides Pennsylvania will jump on board the online poker trend if the current situation in Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada proves to be successfull and profitable.

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