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Online Poker would grow tremendously in the coming years: Mark Cuban

Online Poker would grow tremendously in the coming years Mark Cuban

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban is quite confident that the US’ Supreme Court's decision to strike down a federal sports betting ban would give a boost to the poker industry.

His comments sounded similar to that of one of the most recognizable faces, Phil Hellmuth who is optimistic about the growth of poker.

In an interview, Cuban, owner of NBA's Dallas Mavericks also said that the gaming industry would be able to capitalize on new business opportunities owing to the ruling.

"Although I am not a constitutional lawyer, but I believe you can see online poker all of a sudden. Someone is going to start up online poker again," he said.

Currently, the four states of Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania have approached legislation for regulation of real-money online poker sites. New York, Connecticut and Michigan were brainstorming about the future of poker long before the Supreme Court ruling.

The Supreme Court basically gave the state the rights of legalizing sports betting within their geographical boundaries. It has also given them the ability to partner up for solving the complex regulatory issues involving sports betting.

Online Poker could also ride the wave of sports betting wave thanks to sports betting's huge influence over the internet.

In New Jersey, online betting is increasingly becoming more pivotal to Atlantic City's success.

Sports betting would only flourish and succeed with an online component. It would pave way for online poker in this way.