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Online poker regulation could generate many jobs

Online poker regulation could generate many jobs

Republican Representative Joe Barton's 'Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2013' has higher possibility of success than his previous attempt to regulate online poker when he introduced Bill HR-2366.

The aim of this new bill is to re-enforce all the weak spots of the UIGEA of 2006, including regulation of online poker on a State to State basis while upholding the official rights granted to Federally recognized Indian tribes. The bill also includes many failsafe and preventive actions to combat digital fraud and laundering, underage gambling and gambling addiction.

According to Joe Barton, enforcing all these security measures will not only prevent crime and fraud, but will also require such a structure that many thousands of jobs will be generated or as he put it himself "create a new industry within the United States creating thousands of jobs and substantial revenue for Federal, State, and tribal governments.”

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