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Online Poker On The Table In Iowa Again

Online Poker On The Table In Iowa Again

Iowa is far from one of the biggest states in the US, having only around 3,000,000 people living in the state, but they are a poker loving branch. A 2009 study showed that the state had around 85,000 poker players at the time, a number which might be slightly lower nowadays, but still more than enough to have a solid online poker environment.

Reports made back in 2011 showed that poker players in the state may have given between $13-$60 million in revenues to off-shore gambling sites, though the number seems quite high, despite including both casino and sports betting.

By 2012 the state tried to legalize online poker for the first time, with the bill being signed off by the Iowa senate. The state didn’t get to legalize online poker at the time however, as the house decided to vote against the bill.

That hasn’t scared off the state however, as Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey successfully legalized it since then. Now they want to try again, this time to be run by the state’s lottery who wishes to bring real-money online gambling to the state.

The state is expecting to make a bill which will contain a 22% tax for the state, which could bring back taxes in the area of $3-$6 million annually, which is a decent amount of money for such a small state.

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