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Online Gambling Regulations in Switzerland

Online Gambling Regulations in Switzerland

Last week a draft of a new gaming bill created by the Swizz federal government was provided, which aims towards regulating online gambling in the country. The bill will allow brick-and-mortar casinos to use their landbased gaming license to operate online as well, which could potentially provide a large increase in revenues.

The bill is out for consultation until August 20th this year and includes tax-free winnings and that poker tournaments can be hosted outside the casinos, as long as they will follow some strict guidelines provided by the government. It doesn't talk about the possibility of foreign operators being able to enter the market through landbased casinos though.

The Swizz Casino Federation has blamed online gambling for the decrease in their revenues in the past and due to that, the federal government decided to create the draft of the gambling bill - which has been expected since last summer. The bill will allow the casinos to accept Swizz citizens into their online offerings, making it possible to take the revenues back to prior levels.

While the rough details of the bill is available, the fine print is far from public knowledge, as it is not certain how "small" is defined in terms of cash games and tournaments outside licensed casinos, neither in terms of prize pools or in terms of participants.

Source: PokerFuse

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