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Nolan Dalla Talks About Border Harrasment

Nolan Dalla Talks About Border Harrasment

Nolan Dalla just released a brand new blog post where he talks about how he believes that poker players are being harrased by the U.S. customs official. While some might not consider it a big problem in their everyday life, there are poker players who have to spent countless hours in the customs department every time they try to go to the U.S.

The blog post takes a look at some of the reasons for why poker players are being seen and treated as criminals in some cases, simply because they travel with larger amounts of money despite having a young age and questions why the authorities thinks that it is okay to do so.

Dalla is very clear about his opinion on the subject, which he believes to be too much and borderline discriminating towards people making a living of something that most people see as gambling. He doesn't understand why Canadian poker players travelling to the US to play circuit events and spend tons of money in the country should have to wait several hours in customs offices, while there are plenty of immigrants running around getting food stamps from the government.

While Dalla understands the need for border security as a whole, he cannot understand the need that some custom departments have to use their authority the completely wrong way and why people have to explain where they have their funds from when they travel to another country to play poker.

You can read the blog in its full length on this link here

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