| On 7 years ago

No P2P transfers for New Jersey poker players


New Jersey will launch its first online poker games today for a five day trial period, and after that officially on November 26th. But to the dismay of online pokers all over New Jersey, player to player transfers will not be allowed.

According to documents released by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, PokerStars has filed a petition with the regulating agency in order to reconsider the no P2P rule. “Rational Group suggested an amendment to the rules to permit the transfer of funds between patrons, provided that the Division is assured that the operator implements limits and carries out checks to ensure those limits are followed.”

Unfortunately, the Division of Gaming Enforcement rejected the petition on the basis that the prohibition of peer transfers would ‘prevent fraud, collusion, and money laundering’. The state’s chief concern is that players would start using the P2P transfers as a way to skip normal deposit and withdrawal methods. The reason most operators keep pushing for the enabling of peer transfers is that it proves essential for staking purposes for pro players and dedicated players.