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No Online Poker in California, For Now

No Online Poker in California For Now


Last week a bill that would’ve legalized Internet gambling in California was shelved, which in short means that there won’t be online poker for at least another 12 months.

Democratic state Sen. Lou Correa of Santa Ana said that there was not enough time left in the legislative session to make sure the bill was refined enough to put up for a vote, LA Times reported.

The legislative seasons ends in a month and the bill, which has been talked about for over five years, still had not reached its final form. Correa, who’s had plenty of time to get this bill sorted, claimed that the not putting the bill up for a vote has to do with Internet poker being an important public policy. “We need to make sure it’s done right,” the Senator said.

The recent deal PokerStars struck with Amaya Gaming is said to be a factor in the aforementioned decision, as the initial bill was based on disallowing companies to offer Internet poker that had previously done so before this was legal. PokerStars fitted that profile, but since Amaya now owns the biggest poker site in the world, it has circumvented this rule within the bill.

Correa will not be back for another term next year, so a different Sentator will have to take the lead on making this bill happen. For now online poker and gambling won’t be allowed in California, while its neighbor state of Nevada has been doing so since the summer of 2013.