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Nicholas Baris claims 1k Online;Jeremy Saderne winsMini Main event

Nicholas Baris claims 1k Online Jeremy Saderne winsMini Main event

WSOP is going on and winners are coming from last few days. There is quite known names who are reaching to the money session of event #68 which was being played for more than last 11 hours online. This is the 9th scheduled online bracelet of the tournament of 2019. India’s Shravan Chhabria finished 153rd in this tournament and took home $2,494.

Moreover, coming on the list of entries for the grand prize of $303,7358 were with the field of 1,750 and Nicholas Baris is one of them.A Utica New York native, who outplayed Tara Cain in heads-up, and went to the final event with 500 players.

Here comes the final table of the event:

  • Nicholas 'Illari' Baris - $303,738
  • Tara 'bertperton' Cain - $187,530
  • William 'TheBurrSir' Lamb Harding - $113,332
  • David 'YoungPitts' Baker - $96,092
  • Jason 'LuckDuck' Lawhun - $69,991
  • Jack 'Mr. Yang' Maskill - $51,703
  • Chris 'Camdi' Ferguson - $38,736
  • Ryan 'PlzCumAgain' Jones - $29,260
  • Antonio 'karma007' Guerrero - $22,443


Event #69 $1,000 Mini Main Event

This event was started soon after the event #68 with the massive field of 5,521 unique players. And, there was a Frenchman named Jeremy Saderne who toped in the field and collect the massive pay check of $628,654.


On this Saderne said, “I feel very happy. I had never thought of winning a tournament with more than five thousand people. For winning this kind of tournament, you need to have good cards or a good set up. I ran so good and had two times aces in the last times.”


Saderne won 6th cash of the tournament.


Here comes the final table Results:

  • Jeremy Saderne - $628,654
  • Lula Taylor - $388,284
  • Andres Korn - $287,219
  • Yi Ma - $214,047
  • Koji Takagi - $160,715
  • Stefan Widmer - $121,586
  • Philip Gildea - $92,686
  • Ben Alloggio - $71,199
  • James Stewart - $55,188

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