| On 7 years ago

Next steps in the FTP remission process


Yesterday was the last day and deadline for the application of claims in the Full Tilt Poker remission process for all players affected by the 2011 closing of the poker room. The claims application was started on September 16th by the Garden City Group, the organization appointed by the US Department of Justice to handle the remission process for Full Tilt Poker. The Group mailed out approximately 1.4 million emails to former players and after two months received just over 41,000 petitions for reimbursement.

Even though the deadline has been met, the process itself is far from over. According to information posted in the Garden City Group website, there still is a one month grace period which will be followed by the closure of official applications submission. “There will be a limited extension to the November 16 filing deadline for players who are Affiliates and for certain players identified as ‘Pros’ in the data supplied by Full Tilt Poker. Such players will have 30 days from notification to submit a petition”.

Affiliates and Full Tilt Poker Red Pros were initially not to receive any compensation but the GCG made some changes to the criteria for consideration of applications and now both these groups can apply for reimbursement, but only for those monies which were not related to any affiliate activities, just for the poker gaming activities.

The website continues, “We are in the process of reviewing petitions filed by (customers) who confirmed their balances online and who have not disputed their FTP Account Balance or submitted multiple petitions. We expect payments to be made with respect to such petitions with confirmed balances by March 31, 2014”.