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Newby becomes biggest poker earner of 2013

Newby becomes biggest poker earner of 2013

28 year old German poker player, Niklas Heinecker (aka ragen70), has recently become the biggest earner of 2013 in online poker with an impressive earnings of over $4.19 million. Not only is this figure impressive in itself, or the fact that he has surpassed Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom, but the fact that he is a newby to the scene makes this all the most astounding.

Heinecker didn't start playing seriously until May of the current year on Full Tilt Poker, having streaks of bad luck until he found himself in the red by August only to make a miraculous come back in three months and cement his position as one of the richest poker players in the world.

Heinecker also plays in live events, like the Guangdong Asia Millions in Macau where he won an impressive $4.5 million adding to his total online and offline earnings of $8.7 million. This is by far one fo the highest earnes for any poker player ever in a single year. The latest big wins for Heinecker were a $403,000 pot online as well as $573,000 session during a 2-7 Triple Draw game. He usually can be found at the NLHE, Triple Draw and 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

Heinecker claims part of his success comes from the fact that he is a student of economic mathematics which probably helps him understand the game better and make better choices.