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New York Senate Finance Committee Passes Sen. John Bonacic’s Online Poker Bill S 3898

New York Senate Finance Committee Passes Sen. John Bonacic s Online Poker Bill S 3898

 Although this bill is now going to the full Senate for consideration and approval, there have been some serious ups and downs in online poker considerations during the past two years. There now are some signs, however of progress being shown by the Assembly this year. 

Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, the chairman of the Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee; legalization recently stated that: “I don’t really see there’s going to be much opposition to moving this [online poker] along.” He has said that he will put his support behind the bill. Apparently, his previous concern legalization of online poker were put aside after his trip to New Jersey.

Pretlow told the Online Poker Report that in order to vet the proposal “they” would tackle online poker as a separate issue, rather than include it in a larger piece of legislation.