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New rewards system for Microgaming Poker Network

New rewards system for Microgaming Poker Network

In its latest update to its poker client, the Microgaming Poker Network has introduced a new rewards system called "achievements". With the new rewards plan, players are given points according to how many challenges they can overcome within a game. These rewards come in the form of badges which can be displayed at the table or on the player profile.

Some rewards are handed out for very simple and menial tasks like the "Pimp my Client" badge given to those players who have customized the MPN poker client according to their taste. Other rewards are given for very difficult tasks, such as the "All Rounder" badge which is given only to players who have played all types of poker games regularly. Then there are dozens of badges in between.

Lydia Melton, in charge of Network Games at MPN, had this to say, “Poker isn’t just about winning money, it’s also about challenging yourself and your friends and having fun doing it. Our new Achievements feature is about enhancing this aspect of poker.” Some of the bigger MPN customers also think this way and have stated their approval of the new rewards system, saying it will make the game more fun challenging and will offer their customers something new and exciting to play for.

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