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New promotion increases traffic on Full Tilt Poker

New promotion increases traffic on Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker recently introduced a new promotion called 'Build your Bonus' in an affort to increase traffic in the network and according to statistics from the independent online poker room tracker PokerScout, the campaign was utterly successful. New players have been flooding into the poker room increasing its volume by 14% since the promotion was launched.

There are however many questions as to how and why Full Tilt Poker experienced this kind of reaction from the market when other networks with similar promotions were unaffected by them such as Revolution Gaming.

The influx of new players and hence the increase in traffic and liquidity has put Full Tilt Poker on the second place in the list of largest online poker rooms in the world, second only to PokerStars which by the way own Full Tilt as well.

According to PokerScout, the average 7 day traffic on FTP amounts to 2700 players. As a point of comparison, the third largest network (iPoker) has only 2300 players on a 7 day average traffic.