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New Jersey surpasses Nevada in online poker chart

New Jersey surpasses Nevada in online poker chart

Barely one week after New Jersey launched real money online gambling and poker, the state has been performing surprisingly well. It already toppled Nevada from the top spot in the poker charts and throughout the weekend cemented its position as number one and as fastest growing market.

According to data from taken yesterday, the comparison between both states is staggering and looks like this:

  • New Jersey: 808 players at 24hr peak / 312 players rolling 7-day average / The Borgata dominates almost half of the New Jersey market.
  • Nevada: 443 players at 24hr peak / 195 players rolling 7-day average / dominates the Nevada market.

Although figures show an abismal difference between both states and despite New Jersey having 3 times the population of Nevada, Nevada is still outperforming New Jersey in per capita basis. Adding to that that New Jersey operates four unique online poker rooms compared to Nevada's two rooms, Nevada is clearly still the strongest state, but for how long?