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New changes in Merge Network met with dislike

New changes in Merge Network met with dislike

Last week and starting from October 1st, the Merge Gaming Network underwent a series of changes which were mostly met with dislike and much criticism on online boards and forums. The network has decided to gut the VIP program entirely and now offers but 3 levels of VIP with the highest level being accessible on an "invite only" basis. Invite only top tier does not give any indication as to how or what a player might have to do to reach it and leaves more questions unanswered.

Merge has also decided to remove all freerolls which for years have been the backbone of the promotional program and which have attracted new players and kept many recreational players active on the network. The last and perhaps most baffling decision was to segregate all multi-table tournaments from both 'Players Only' and 'SportsBook' skins, except for 3 large tournaments every day.

Perhaps the most affected skins on the Merge Gaming Network at the moment are Carbon and Aced Poker which have recently released their new MTT schedule, adding around 80% more MTT's especially on micro and low stakes in an effort allow players on any and all stakes level to have lots of tournaments to play at. This sets them apart from most US-friendly rooms like Bovada.

All these network changes have been met with much dislike by an already unhappy and critical online poker community. Carbon has also deleted their 2+2 subforum at the end of September causing much uproar and flaming suspicions that the Merge skin would undergo drastic changes and sowuld not want to deal with criticism publicly.