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Nevada's Online Poker Revenues Declining in April

Nevada's Online Poker Revenues Declining in April

The month of April was nothing special for the online poker operators in Nevada, as they had a 14.5% decrease in revenues compared to March. In total they managed to get revenues of $792,000 in April, compared to $926,000 in March and $824,000 in February, reported.

The gaming reports from the state of Nevada comes out every month, but didn't include the online poker stats until February this year. While the revenues are far from high, they are still relatively decent and they are expected to increase significantly in May and June, due to the WSOP starting and thousands of new players coming to Las Vegas, Nevada, to play poker.

Furthermore it is well known and accepted in the US that it will take time to get people used to the thought of having regulated online poker in certain states and the potential is far from realized so far. The inter-state agreement between Delaware and Nevada will also give a boost to the numbers once they go live and should any other state decide to join in the future, it'll only boost it even more.

Poker is still a small game revenue wise in the gambling state, as online and live poker had a total revenue of $123,891,000 in 2013, where the total gambling revenues reached a level of $11.1 billion. Maybe that is also the problem for poker as it is right now, the casinos does not make a lot of money with it, so why bother spending any money trying to improve the experience.

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