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Nevada wants to offer interstate poker

Nevada wants to offer interstate poker

There are a lot of obstacles to overcome before any one state can offer interstate gambling, but Nevada seems to have an advantage in this case. Gaming regulators met last Wednesday during a workshop organized by the Nevada Gaming Control Board at the request of online casino software providers in order to explore the possibility of offering progressive jckpots to other states in the country.

These gaming software providers included the state's largest companies IGT and Bally Technologies. The main point of dicussion was the ammendment of gaming an state regulations.

There are two very important factors which would need to be tackled immediately in order to allow Nevada to offer online poker beyond its own borders. First, creating key technological specifications required for such an endeavour. Second, Governor Brian Sandoval would have to arrange for agreements with other interested states.

To this, the Governor commented: “I can’t enter into any compacts or agreements with other states until the Gaming Control Board and Gaming Commission adopt regulations to allow me to do so. We have had preliminary conversations with other states, but there is nothing I can do until the regulations are adopted, which I understand may happen next month."