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Nevada Independent Has Cancelled Online Poker Tourney Fundraiser Plans

Nevada Independent Has Cancelled Online Poker Tourney Fundraiser Plans

A news site in Nevada came up with a unique plan to raise funds for its company, especially in a lockdown situation like this amidst coronavirus spread. The plan however, was rather tuned down before it could go in operate mode by the State Gaming Regulation Force Nevada. The rules on charitable gaming prohibit online game and because of this the regulation force had to cancel the plans for an online hold ‘em poker tournament, the editor of The Nevada Independent, announced on Wednesday.

According to Ralston, there were several concerns regarding the tournament which had brought a lot of attention and interest since its announcement on Monday that it may have also conflicted with the Wire Act. The Wire Act is the federal gaming law that the Department of Justice is trying to expand beyond sports betting. The new opinion, which is supposed to contest by the New Hampshire Lottery, is likely to threaten all forms of interstate online gaming.

In the statement given by Ralston, he said “So bottom line: We have to cancel. Thus di I narrowly avoid getting my name put into the Black Book and be forever banned from casinos.”

The website is three-year old nonprofit organization which offers its content free of charge and thus its support relies on its readers as well as donations and grant funding.

Further plan to diversify revenue

COVID-19 outbreak has led many sports organization to its end, and several are struggling in this difficult time and even though the company is relying on ongoing fundraising, there is no exception. This has forced Nevada Independent to adopt harsh policies like deduction of the employees’ salaries and budgets.

However, Ralston still believes that crisis has brought out some of the best work from his staff. In an email sent to before the cancellation of the programme, Ralston wrote, “I hope this austerity does not last forever, but we are in a new world and no one knows what will happen post- COVID-19.”

“We know we need to do what we have always tried to do- get as diverse a revenue base as possible,” he added further.