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Nevada and Delaware Now Sharing Poker Liquidity

Nevada and Delaware Now Sharing Poker Liquidity

Regulated online poker in the US has now been around for almost two years, spread across three different states, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. When Nevada went live as the first state, the path was made for other states to regulate online gaming and it was expected that it would be the next big thing in the US.

Unfortunately it was far from it in Nevada and Delaware, where the sites have struggled to be able to get enough players to make their product attractive. In Nevada it is only during WSOP season that the player pool is large enough to create a decent amount of revenue, while in Delaware the first month was the best and it has since then been declining steadily every single month every since.

This led to a partnership between Nevada and Delaware in February of 2014, where the two states agreed upon creating a unified “network”, where players from both states would be able to play against each other, instead of only playing against players from the same state.

A little over a year later, the project has finally been released. The hopes and expectations are somewhat more realistic now, but there’s no doubt that it is expected that the new player liquidity sharing model needs to create more revenue for both states to not be seen as a flop.

Should they be successful in creating a more functional poker experience for the online poker players and boost revenues, then it may lead to more states joining their intra-state poker network, which in return will lead to even higher revenues. 

Overall this is a step in the right direction, as it has been proven that only the biggest states will be able to carry a network on their own, while the smaller states would never be a success and keep operators away from investing. 

It will be interesting to see the first revenue numbers after the launch, to see how much of an impact the player sharing model has had on online gaming in the US. 

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