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Nebraska AG claims that online poker violates constitution

Nebraska AG claims that online poker violates constitution

Sheldon Adelson-backed Coalition asked for a ban of online poker because it violates states' rights.

A House subcommittee met for discussing sports betting in the wake of the Supreme Court's verdict for legalizing sports betting in the state on Thursday.

The sports leagues are also calling for new federal mandates, while the casino industry is backing the emerging sports betting market for bringing in revenues for the state. According to the casino industry, Americans wager more than $150 billion every year on sports where the most percentage of the wagers come through illicit channels. The widespread state regulation of sports betting has an online component as well. Adelson's lobbying group seeks to restore the 1961 Wire Act, and Nebraska Attorney General Jon Burning represented the coalition at the hearing. '

Burning compared the regulation of online casino gaming with the regulation of marijuana in the testimony.

"Let us also focus on the rights that states are entitled to. We should not forget the rights of states where intake of marijuana is banned," he said.

"After the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, Nebraska Law enforcement has registered an increase in illegal trade of marijuana being carried out."

"I filed an original action against Colorado in the US Supreme Court asking the court for declaring that the Colorado's marijuana laws violated US constitution."

He said that a similar harm would come to the state if it legalizes online sports betting. "Nebraska would be compelled for relying on the good graces and the regulatory capabilities of those states that have legalized online sports wagering," he added.