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Nadal to play first live poker tournament

Nadal to play first live poker tournament

Rafael Nadal, one of the world's best tennis players, will be competing once more but off the tennis court and on the poker felt. Nadal will be taking part in his first live poker tournament ever in the city of Prague between December 8th and 18th for charity.

Nadal is the only player who can boast about having won 7 French Open titles, but he might soon also boast about poker titles and bracelets. He first started playing poker in 2012 after an injury to his knee forced him to lay off the tennis circuit for many months. Poker filled in his newly acquired spare time and with the help of a coach, Nadal set out to conquer the virtual tournament world of poker. According to his coach, Alfonso Cardalda, Nadal has the same competitive streak online as in sports which is what helped him become such a good player in such a short time.

The tournament Nadal will be participating in is part of the European Poker Tour (EPT) and Nadal is being sponsored by none other than the biggest online poker company, PokerStars. Nadal has played tournaments in the past and has had some success in the last 18 months, but these were all online tournaments. Competing in a live tournament presents new challenges but Nadal says he is actually quite excited and looking forward to it.

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