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Mike Leah Wins two WSOPC Events in 24 Hours

Mike Leah Wins two WSOPC Events in 24 Hours

Mike Leah has basically accomplished one of the most difficult tasks in live poker - winning two events within 24 hours of each other. Not only did he win two tournaments, but he also won a decent amount of prizes for his efforts. He got a WSOPC ring for each event, a decent amount of money and also a seat in the WSOPC National Championship later this year, as he was crowned the title of Casino Champion.

The first victory for Leah came in event 9, which was a $580 No Limit Hold'em tournament and after having shipped that and played another tournament where he busted out quickly, Leah decided to try yet another tournament. This time it was event 11, which was a $365 No Limit Hold'em Turbo tournament, which he was crowned the winner of around 13 hours later.

Leah is no stranger to winning live poker tournaments, as he has already won four live tournaments this year. The Team Ivey pro player did however feel that it was absurd that he won two live tournaments within 24 hours and wrote on his twitter:




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