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Microgaming Announces Customizable Poker Software for Partners

Microgaming Announces Customizable Poker Software for Partners

The poker industry as a whole has been in massive decline over the past years and the focus points are shifting from operator to operator. Most operators doesn't have enough traffic to be able to stand-alone, such as Unibet, Bovada, Pokerstars and Full Tilt does, but they might still want to be a part of a poker network and not offer the exact same product as everyone else on the network has.

This is now possible with Microgaming as they announced a new technology today which they call Babelfish. Babelfish makes it possible for operators to customize their poker client while being on the MPN poker network, all they need to do is to get a programmer to create the software for them.

“Babelfish is definitely a game changer for poker. It allows operators to customize their poker software to a higher degree than has ever been possible before, without having to go standalone." Head of Poker at Microgaming, Alex Scott said.

"Furthermore, it allows them to do this without having to worry about expensive hosting costs, random number generators, or any of the other complexities that come with developing server software." He added.

It is possible for the programmers and operators to create the software in virtually any coding language and then use the Babelfish API to join MPN's poker network. By doing so, they create a unique product and gets the benefits of that, while still getting the benefits of being on a poker network and share the player pool there.

While this all sounds great, it might actually hurt Microgaming, at least short term, as there is a possibility that operators will go live with software the players do not like and leave. However for the long term success of the network it is a brilliant move and we might see other networks do the same in the future.

Microgaming says that a large operator will be joining the network shortly while taking advantage of the Babelfish opportunity. Microgaming expects them to boost the traffic significantly, it will be interesting to see who will join forces with the otherwise declining MPN and perhaps save the network.

“With this new operator on board, our network will grow significantly. But this is not the only exciting news that the MPN has for 2015. This year we want to be at the pinnacle of the poker industry - this is just the first step.” Scott finalized.

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