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Miami- The New Centre Table for Poker and Jai-Alai

Miami The New Centre Table for Poker and Jai Alai

Sometimes a good news is followed by some sad or disappointed news.  Well, the recent report from the forum of the Magic city is that they are planning to get the pelotas and poker chips down to the wonderful and astonishing Miami but as of now there are no slot machines to entertain the people. The Magic city casinos are drafting a plan along with Flagler Dog Track. Well, the West Flagler Associates, Ltd. has already take the initiative to get the permit of bringing a jai-alai fronton to 3000 Biscayne Boulevard in the land of Miami. The three places that are kept in mind for a jai-alai are Edgewater, the Design District and Midtown. With the 50000-square foot area available for the occupancy of the jai-alai, it would be a huge step.

The Florida law allows to open a poker room right after the next day the game has been played in any building. So, West Flagler could do the same thing by just following the law book. The estimation is that there might be close to 20-25 poker tables available as of now. They have applied for the summer time jai alai way back in the year 2015. This was easily granted by the Florida Law.