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Miami Dolphin Players To Participate In Charity Poker Tournament - The NFL Says No

Miami Dolphin Players To Participate In Charity Poker Tournament The NFL Says No

The NFL is one of the most watched sports in the world, having gained massive success abroad in the past decade, after it was mainly a sport that Americans enjoyed prior to that. Along with the success abroad, it is natural that countries where gambling regulations aren’t as strict as in the US allows betting on the popular sports.

The sport is loved for its physical and tactical elements, but it is also very popular due to the many bets that punters can place on it. But apparently this is not something that the NFL wants to be associated with, as seen now where they banned three Miami Dolphins players from participating in a charity poker tournament as well as last week when they asked Tony Romo (Quarterback for Dallas Cowboys) to cancel his speech at a Fantasy Football expo in Las Vegas.

Jason Fox, A.J. Francis and Jordan Cameron was supposed to participate in a charity poker tournament set up by Miami radio host Andy Slater, but were told that they could not do so by the NFL. The NFL has a policy that doesn’t allow players to promote “casino activities”, which apparently includes supporting a charity by playing a skill game in a legal casino.

"The NFL is just doing this [with the Dolphins] as a precaution," Slater said, via the Sun Sentinel. "It's an absolute joke. The NFL is built on gambling. This is the players' time off, and they hang out with fans at a legal gambling event at a legit casino."

What NFL players do in their own free time should not be of any concern of the NFL, especially since the activity is not illegal in any sort of way and supports a charity as well as gives fans a special experience.

It might just be a matter of time before the NFL will try and shut international bookmakers down for allowing punters to place bets on the otherwise popular sports.